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Generex Biotechnology, and their wholly owned subsidiary Antigen Express, are developing promising new drugs to treat diabetes, as well as synthetic peptide vaccines targeting HER2/neu cancer and pandemic flu. The flagship product for Generex is Oral-lyn buccal insulin. Antigen Express' leading vaccine is the AE37 HER2/neu synthetic peptide vaccine to prevent breast cancer recurrence. I am not qualified to offer investment or medical advice, and make no claims that I am an expert in these areas. I am a layman and a shareholder in this company. The left side of Pipeline Review holds blogs regarding Generex and Antigen Express, while the right side offers items of due diligence mixed with my analysis which may be of interest to others seeking to learn about Generex's pipeline. If the left side only shows the latest blog, click on the word home to view them all.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Recent Advances in Understanding the Immune System and the Role of T Helper Cells

Utilizing a modulated immune response mediated by T helper cells, Antigen Express technology focuses on a class of lymphocytes that plays a multifaceted role in the immune system, both enhancing and suppressing immune response. In this podcast, Eric von Hofe, Ph.D., President of Antigen Express, takes a look at advancements in immunotherapy and their studies investigating the efficacy and safety of these technology platforms.

Listen to this podcast from Dr von Hofe here.